acquired May 18, 2000

Yaoundé, Cameroon



Yaoundé was founded in 1888 by German traders as an agricultural research station and a base for their ivory trade. Today, Yaoundé is the capital and second largest city of Cameroon with an estimated population of 1,430,000. Yaoundé lies in the central region of Cameroon.

In this image the city is grey, brown and tan. Vegetation is green and clouds are white.

This Landsat 7 image was acquired May 18, 2000. It is a false color pan-sharpened image using ETM+ bands 7, 4, 2 and the panchromatic band. The addition of the panchromatic band sharpens the spatial resolution of the image (to 15m/pixel), but can effect the color quality; notice that the greens looks somewhat “minty” and the city appears more “brassy” than it would without the pan-sharpening process. Yaoundé falls on Landsat WRS-2 Path 185 Row 57.